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GARO KAMI NO KIBA-MEZAME- Stage Show Announcement Roundup


GARO KAMI NO KIBA-MEZAME- Stage Show Announcement Roundup


On October 23rd, a press event was held to showcase the cast of the first GARO stage play, KAMI NO KIBA-MEZAME-, with the cast and director Keita Amemiya in attendance.

The stage show will fill in the blanks between the events of GARO – GOLDSTORM television show and KAMI NO KIBA movie that will open in theaters January 2018.

The story of the stage is as follows:

In the furthest corners of the Makai world, a wind blows,
a silver haired man is held up on a crucifix on a large tree.
That man’s name is Zinga.
A gold blade pierces his heart.
Zinga has only one memory remaining.
The eyes of the man that pierced him, the Golden Knight GARO, Ryuga Douga.

A hole in his chest where the blade pierced him is a seal that will open the door to his memories.

A new long time enemy, Makai Knight Kooki, has come to bury him completely.
Accompanied by Makai Priest Natsuki, they go down to the Makai world.
A ghoul named Ashura whispers into his ear.

Zinga. You have fought thousands of battles and won, only becoming a nemesis of someone you someone you lost once
too. Only once you have returned to the Makai World…

When Makai Knight Kooki’s sword brightens up the Makai world, the boundaries of light and darkness will make the hole in Zinga’s chest throb.

zingaMasahiro Inoue/Zinga
Inoue said “I immediately replied to director Keita Amemiya that I wanted to do it, as it was GARO. I’m very glad that after so much planning has gone into it, it’s been realized. It’s been a huge responsibility, but I’ve been able to overcome pressure and worries.

He went on to say “This time, we get to see it from the villain’s side, which we were allowed to do after getting Amemiya’s permission. There’s a lot of factors gone into this play, aerial, dance, video, choreography and stories from different perspectives. We’re aiming for a show that fans are going to be 100% satisfied with.

producerProducer Arihiro Iwata
The show is a combined production with GINGANEN, the producer Arihiro Iwata, said “This is my second time as a producer as part of GINGANEN and was able to do a project that is as big as GARO. This is a completely original story.

P2260451Junna Ito/Makai Priestess Natsuki
Junna Ito, who will play a heroine role in the production, “We have such a wonderful cast that I’ve been able to absorb so many things and it makes me want to try my best. In the idol world, I am strongest at arm wrestling, but this role I will be using magic, so I’ll be putting a seal on physical strength and show people that I can use that instead.

P2260550Miyavi Matsunoi/Amily

Matsunoi, who portrayed Amily in the GOLDSTORM series returns for both the play and the movie described GARO as “part of the family” and that “there’s a big cast this time and new ones that fans haven’t seen before, so there’s a lot to look forward too.

Towards the end, Inoue commented that he felt “a presence coming” and from the side of the stage curtain, Ryuga as GARO appeared.



The stage show will run 2017/12/29 until 12/3 at the Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero, Tokyo, tickets retail for 8,000 yen (7,500 yen for pre-order).

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