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VANISHING LINE Revealed To Be GARO Third Anime Series


VANISHING LINE Revealed To Be GARO Third Anime Series


On August 13th, a new anime teaser trailer was released and had very little information released. It turns out that it was in fact for the new GARO anime series.

The anime comes from Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, the same company that produces GARO. A new trailer below reveals that the anime is actually the third installment in the GARO anime series.

Tomokazu Seki, Rie Kugimiya, Nobunaga Shimazaki and Ami Koshimizu were previously announced to be involved in the project and today more have been released:

Knight – Daisuke Namikawa (Divine Flame’s Leon & Crimson Moon’s Fujiwarano)
Queen – Romi Park (Ema & Seimei)
Bishop – Kenyu Horiuchi (Germán & Fujiwarano)
Zaruba – Hironobu Kageyama
Waitress Chiaki – Chiaki Takahashi
Feilong – Takaya Hashi
Meifang – Ayahi Takagaki
Mia – Yuuka Misaki

Series Composition – Kiyoko Yoshimura
Character Drafts – Takashi Okazaki
Music – MONACA
Character Design – Tomohiro Kishi
Opening Song – JAM Project
Ending Song – Masami Okui

JAM Project will once again return with the opening song “EMG” will go on sale 10/18, included in the album “TOKYO DIVE“.

A summary of the series:

Set in the giant city of Russell, the man with the title of GARO, Makai Knight Sword, protects the city from Horrors that possess humans, fighting in secret. One day while annihilating a Horror, Sword encounters the keyword Eldorad. Believing it to be a large plot of the Horrors, not just eliminating Horrors, he begins an investigation to find the meaning behind it. While doing so, he comes across girl named Sophie. Sophie is looking into the word Eldorad as it was the last message from her brother who went missing. Sophie has lost her brother and Sword lost his younger sister in the past. The word Eldorad pulls them together and they feel an unseeable bond between them, leading them to working together. With those feelings connected, their journey begins.

Seki, who portrays Sword, commented “My first work was as a Horror. Then in the second series, I portrayed the enemy boss, then by the third, I went up the ladder of success (laughs). I just happened to become a big fan by then. I want to strive to bring the best of the series with all I have, without bringing any dishonor to the series.

Please click the “CC” button for English subtitles.

Update: Expanded official cast list.

Source: Press Release

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