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Kaiju-Themed Social Network, Summit Kaiju, Launches


Kaiju-Themed Social Network, Summit Kaiju, Launches


Summit Kaiju has launched as a social network for kaiju fans, and Team TokuNet interviewed its creator.

Summit Kaiju is a brand new social network designed specifically for fans of kaiju and kaiju productions. In addition to creating a profile, Summit Kaiji makes creating specialty pages and groups easy and invites its users to share what their favorite kaiju films are. Its recent launch took the larger tokusatsu fandom by storm, and Team TokuNet had a chance to catch up with its founder, Jeremy Soles, to ask him a few questions about the new social media site.

TokuNet: How did Summit Kaiju get its start and what was the motivation behind it?

SolesSummit Kaiju was started because of my passion for Japanese films, kaiju collectibles, and my love for the outdoors. I set out photographing my figures in the outdoors and mountains of Colorado. During my photography, I was inspired by the outdoors to produce my own kaiju, which was featured at G-Fest 2017.

I am also implementing my kaiju in an animated web series, that I plan to debut in 2018. I started the Summit Kaiju social network in order to bring kaiju fans together, in a single place, and allow them to collaborate with each other in a positive environment, free from judgment and criticism. I have collaborated with numerous people in the kaiju community, throughout the Summit Kaiju development process, to help make it come together.

The ultimate goal for the Summit Kaiju brand is to create a positive impact and difference in the kaiju community and the world. As a member of the Shriners, I’ve started raising funds for the Shriners Children’s Hospitals this year at G-Fest by selling Summit Kaiju t-shirts and posters and I plan on continuing those efforts.

I sincerely believe that the passion we all have for these giant monsters can also be focused on making a difference in the world. Summit Kaiju is a conceptual representation of the monsters we create in this world by the collective evil things we do and say to each other. The people in this world can also unite together to destroy the same monsters we have created.

TokuNet: How does Summit Kaiju compare to other kaiju-related websites such as SciJapan?

SolesSummit Kaiju is a fan contributing social network in which all Kaiju fans are welcome to contribute to. SciJapan, I believe, is more oriented around news. I would enjoy having them be a part of the social network and continue sharing their excellent content. The website is still in its early stages, but I have seen a great number of new members joining each week.

TokuNet: What can new members expect when joining this new social network?

SolesThey can expect to receive a positive experience with one another in a social media platform dedicated to kaiju. The opinions and ideas of the users matter. I am always open to new ideas and contributions from other people, which has been my business structure with the Summit Kaiju creative photo contests I’ve ran the past two years at G-Fest.

I am a strong believer in teamwork and diversity, which is the type of talented and good people I’ve invited to join the team. There also is a Summit Kaiju International network that was formed with other like minded content creators that has members in the United States and overseas.

Summit Kaiju is now accessible to the public. Anyone can join and connect with the kaiju community at the official Summit Kaiju website.

A Game Design and Production graduate of the Class of 2019, Brody is a creative who loves to draw, write, design, and dive deep into entertainment. He enjoys reverse engineering and analyzing the deeper meaning of video games, comics, movies, and of course, tokusatsu.

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