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Farewell Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown Director’s Cut Blu-Ray Box


Farewell Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown Director’s Cut Blu-Ray Box

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The Blu-Ray Director’s Cut version of Farewell Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown will be released in December.

The film, originally released in theaters in October 2008, will finally see its Director’s Cut version in Blu-Ray this winter. In addition to this announcement, a talkshow that included the appearances of Director Osamu Kaneda, as well as Yuichi Nakamura, Dori Sakurada, and surprisingly, Tamaki Matsumoto was hosted to advertise the Director’s Cut.

Matsumoto, who portrayed Kohana, mentioned that she is currently a regular College student who is aiming to become an International Relations. She was nervous to attend an event knowing that she hasn’t appeared at one in about eight or nine years.

Nakamura, who portrayed Yuuto, and Sakurada, who portrayed Kotaro, both said that they were surprised to see her. The latter mentioned, “when we filmed, I used to say good morning and poker her face. But I can’t do that anymore. When she (Matsumoto) greeted me earlier, I greeted her back like an adult. But I was happy to see her.” Nakamura also said that “this is the first time I didn’t cry at a Den-O event. I’m really happy.”

The talkshow segment will be collected into the Farewell Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown Director’s Cut Blu-Ray Box on December 6, 2017.

Source: Livedoor

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