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Art Challenge #Tokutember Launches


Art Challenge #Tokutember Launches

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Similar to art tags and challenges, such as #Inktober in October and #KaiJuly in July, artist celebrate their love for tokusatsu with a new themed art tag for the month of September, #Tokutember. 

Created by artist, Jamie Noguchi, former professional colorist for UDON Entertainment and award-winning comic Erfworld, #Tokutember came out Noguchi’s desire to “draw more and spread [his] love for tokusatsu”.

It began with an inaugural video announcement, narrated by former Tokusatsu Network editor, Mike Dent.

Artists, such as former Artist Feature Thomas Perkins, began posting pieces in celebration.

Other artists included other original designs and tokusatsu-inspired concepts such as Chris Scott and Char Raida; Osa and her Kamen Rider inspired original characters, Imago and Nymph; and the launch of a new tokusatsu-inspired comic, Shining Yuusha.

With premiere of the newest entry into the Kamen Rider franchise, Kamen Rider Build, #Tokutember also saw a few inspired Build pieces, such as one from Victor Perfecto, the artist behind Shining Yuusha and artist, @kuzurider.

#Tokutember will continue until the last day of September, 30th. Artists and other tokusatsu fans alike can share their art and other inspired works by using the hashtag on various social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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