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Next Time on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Episode 42

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Next Time on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Episode 42

ex-aid 42

An unexpectedly difficult battle presents itself as the final boss Gemdeus finally appears in the next episode of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, God’s Advent!

Episode 42: God’s Advent!

Written by Yuuya Takahashi
Directed by Kyouhei Yamaguchi
Action directed by Takeshi Miyazaki
Special effects directed by Hiroshi Butsuda (Tokusatsu Kenkyuujo)

Kamen Rider Chronicle’s final boss, Gemdeus, has finally arrived. At the same time the Game Disease dramatically spreads, causing a pandemic. It seems that Masamune (Hiroyuki Takami) had programmed the game to increase the number of infected people.

If Gemdeus is defeated then the infected people will be cured. Emu (Hiroki Iijima) and Parado (Shouma Kai) transform into Ex-Aid and ParaDX to defeat Gemdeus, but Gemdeus is able to use the powers of all of the previous Bugsters, making it a hard fight.

It’s at this moment that Lazer injects Kuroto (Tetsuya Iwanaga) with the Gemdeus Virus. He then challenges him to a battle. Lazer also suffers from the Gemdeus Virus upon being attacked by GENM. What is Lazer anticipating?


Sources: TV Asahi, Toei

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