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New Jaeger Models Revealed For Pacific Rim: Uprising


New Jaeger Models Revealed For Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising

Blueprints for new Jaeger models in Pacific Rim: Uprising were revealed at Japan Expo 2017.

New details on Pacific Rim: Uprising’s new mecha were given in the form of images and a Tamashii Nations figure at this year’s Japan Expo. These new Jaeger models include an updated version of the Gipsy Danger Jaeger piloted by Pacific Rim’s protagonists. The new model is called the Gipsy Avenger, and Tamashii Nations already has a figure made to help show off the updated design.

The other two jaegers are called Bracer Phoenix Mark V and Saber Athena Mark VI. These designs were only shown in blueprint form, but Bracer Phoenix appears to be a bulky Jaeger built to survive strong attacks from kaiju. Saber Athena’s design is much sleeker. It’s likely built to be more maneuverable than Bracer Phoenix. No details are available on the pilots of either of the two new jaegers at this time.

When kaiju start appearing in the Pacific Ocean and attack humanity, giant robots called Jaegers are built to give humanity a way to combat this new threat. Pacific Rim (2013) follows two Jaeger pilots in their fight to protect humanity. The sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, will release on February 23rd, 2018.


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