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Comics Corner: Go Go Power Rangers #1

Comics Corner

Comics Corner: Go Go Power Rangers #1


BOOM! Studios launches a new Power Rangers comic book that focuses more on how the lives of the Rangers have changed since receiving their powers in the first issue of Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers.

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Dan Mora

Running alongside the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic is new book that shines a bit more light on the lives of the five teenagers that have recently become the Power Rangers and how they have been affected by this change. Go Go Power Rangers starts off immediately after Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack, and Billy are granted their powers and have their first battle with Goldar. Some of the Rangers are taking the situation pretty lightly while others, mainly Jason, realize the gravity of the situation they are in.

In a flashback, we are given a glimpse of the lives the Rangers lead before “Arrival Day”. What is interesting about this section of the book is that the characters are shown in a bit of a different light than what we got in the TV show to give more dimension. For example, Jason reveals that he was not always the upstanding student that he is today, Billy actually loathes his bullies, and even though Zack still likes to be friends with everyone, he’s also given a bit more of a cocky attitude.

This take is also extended to their present day situation. In the TV show, while they were hesitant to believe what Zordon explains to them in the beginning, they were pretty much on board with becoming Rangers and defending the Earth as soon as they morphed. But in this book, we see that some of them are still questioning whether they should completely believe a floating head in a tube. The teens also have to figure out how to keep their identities a secret from their closest friends and loved ones, something that was a bit glossed over in the show.

One more thing that was expounded upon in this book that was always questioned by fans of the TV show was the aftermath of the Megazord battles in the city. The common joke was that the city was somehow rebuilt completely only to be destroyed again the next week. But in this book, the consequences of the battle are shown at many levels. From workers cleaning up debris to military personnel closing off disaster areas, the city as a whole has all but completely stopped to deal with the wreckage. And the Rangers actually discuss laying low in order avoid being caught for the damage they inadvertently caused.

Even though the story focuses on the personal stories of the Rangers outside of their suits, we still get some great Power Rangers action as they set out to rescue two captives who are being held in Rita’s palace on the Moon. This mission does a good job of showing that the Rangers have a long way to go before they can work successfully as a team. This is a great setup for the series as we will hopefully get to see them develop their bond as a team, something that was already well establishing from the beginning in the show. I look forward to seeing Ryan Parrott and Dan Mora expand and reinterpret a world that has been so recognizable to fans all over the world for decades.

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