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Ultraman Geed Cast Revealed at Production Announcement


Ultraman Geed Cast Revealed at Production Announcement


The Ultraman Geed production presentation was held during the 2017 Tokyo Toy Show today.

Tatsuomi Hamada will portray Riku Asakura, Ultraman Geed. Hamada previously portrayed Nao, the younger brother of Ultraman Zero’s host in the 2010 movie, Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial.

Riku is inspired to become a hero who saves people thanks to his favorite TV program, Bakuretsu Senki Don Shine, but is shocked when he learns he is the son of Ultraman Belial. He works part-time at the Galaxy Market and lives at a secret base called the Seiun-So. To transform, Riku performs a Fusion Rise by scanning multiple Ultraman capsules containing the powers of past heroes. His base form, Ultraman Geed Primitive, is comprised of Ultraman and Ultraman Belial.


Megumi Han will voice Pega, the Pegassa alien. Megumi Han previously voiced Kyuemon, a central antagonist in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

Pega is a child from the Pegassa alien race who becomes Riku’s best friend after being saved by the hero. He is a very shy and cowardly alien, often using the Dark Zone pocket dimension to hide in Riku’s shadow. Despite his cowardly demeanor, Pega constantly supports Riku in his battles. Pega also has a strong affinity for making artificial flowers.


Raiha Toha will be played by Chirio Yamamoto. Yamamoto previously appeared in two episodes of Ninninger and Kamen Rider Heisei Generations.

Raiha is a fierce woman who wields a sword. She has been pursuing the mystery behind the kaiju disaster of six years. While attempting to help a young girl, Raiha meets Riku for the first time and decides to live at his secret base.


Rem, played by Suzuko Mimori.

A reports management system installed in the central computer of the secret base Seiun-So, located 500 meters beneath. Riku is told “You are the owner of this base” by Rem, who then gives him the Geed Riser and Ultra Capsules. Rem uses the Yutom aircraft to investigate the Little Star..


Moa Aizaki, played by Mayu Hasegawa.

Riku’s childhood friend and member in the AIB secret organization that investigates aliens. She works together with Zena, a member of the Shadow alien race, to track down criminal aliens. She and Riku would often play Bakuretsu Senki Don Shine as children. She hides her identity using the cover of a sales manager for Nico Nico Life Insurance.


Reito Igakuri, played by Yuuta Ozawa.

A salaryman who lives with his wife and daughter. He has a weak and serious personality but becomes the host for Ultraman Zero after dying while attempting to save children during a traffic incident. He transforms using the Ultra Zero Eye. He begins by watching the battles of Ultraman Zero and Geed before being caught up in the fight after becoming Zero’s host.


Kei Fukuide, played by Kunito Watanabe.

A famous sci-fi writer who transforms into the Belial Fusion Beasts using Kaiju Capsules. He is kind and polite to others but in battles holds a cruel and ruthless inner nature. He targets the Little Star for unknown reasons.


Kenji Kawai will compose the show’s soundtrack. Kawai previously did the soundtrack for Ultraman Nexus and has worked on films such as Ghost in the Shell and Ip Man.

The cast also commented on their participation in the series.


Tatsuomi Hamada: “I am very happy to be able to transform this time. Riku has a strong sense of justice and is a pure and bright, positive character. This time, I’m singing the show’s theme song and I’m very nervous but enjoyed singing.”


Chihiro Yamamoto: “I am very pleased to appear in a work as historical as the Ultraman series. I will do a lot of action and do my best to be a strong, cool action heroine.”


Mayu Hasegawa: “I am honored to appear in the Ultraman series! I love kids so much and have a kindergarten teaching license. From here on out will do my best to be loved by everyone, from children and adults to aliens.”

Yuuta Ozawa: “When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming the Father of Ultra. I am really excited that I can now become Ultraman Zero.”


Kunito Watanabe: “As the villain in this work, I will use the same transformation item as the hero in our battles. I want to thank everyone for their support.”


Megumi Han: “I have loved Ultraman from a very young age and am honored to participate in this way. Being a close friend of Riku, I will do my best to cheer on Geed.”


Suzuko Mimori: “I have been watching the Ultraman series since I was little and am delighted to appear as a cast member in such a historical work. As an AI, I will do my best to guide you properly.”


The main director will be Koichi Sakamoto (Ultra Galaxy Legends, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Kamen Rider Fourze). He says “Ultraman Geed Primitive has Ultraman’s heart of justice and Belial’s wild battle style. Please also expect a lot from the slapstick comedy from Zero and Reito!” Hirotaka Adachi, Mamoru Oshii’s son in law, credited as Otsuichi, is serving as head writer.

Also shown off was Riku’s transformation using the Geed Riser and Ultra Capsules. Riku is able to become Ultraman Geed Primitive with the Ultraman and Belial capsules, Ultraman Geed Solid Burning with the Ultra Seven and Taro capsules, and Ultraman Geed Acro Smasher with the Hikari and Cosmos capsules.


Ultraman Geed Primitive is Geed’s base form and the most balanced. Its special move is the Wrecking Burst. Its catchphrase is “Get Ready! It’s decided!”


Ultraman Geed Solid Burning specializes in close proximity battles. Its catchphrase is “Burn it up! Courage!”


Ultraman Geed Acro Smasher has incredible speed and uses various beam attacks and a light sword. Its catchphrase is “Show me! Impact!”

Ultraman Zero

Ultra Seven’s son. He comes to earth with Geed but due to a previous battle, cannot reach his full power. He uses Reito as a host. His special attack is the Wide Zero Shot.

Skull Gomora

A Belial Fusion Beast that Kei transforms into. Its chest is reminiscent of Belial’s color timer. It’s a strong monster that can destroy anything with its strength.

Ultraman Belial

An Ultraman who attempted to make the universe his own. Belial caused the Crisis Impact event in an attempt destroy the universe but was lost in space shortly after. Although the details are shrouded in mystery, it is said that Belial is the father of Riku Asakura, Ultraman Geed.

Summaries for the first two episodes were also given:

Episode 1: Welcome to the Secret Base
A mysterious monster, Skull Gomora, has begun its attack on the streets of the city. Riku, who lost his home in the attack, is invited to spend the night in the basement of an observatory with his best friend, Pega, an alien of the Pegassa race. Riku discovers a secret base and is given ownership of the base by the super computer, Rem. He is then entrusted with the Geed Riser. In order to save people and realize his lifelong dream of being a hero, Riku will become Ultraman Geed.


Episode 2: The Girl Who Slashes Monsters
Although he was able to transform into Ultraman Geed, negative opinion from the public has made Riku declare he will never use the Fusion Riser again. An unknown girl named Eri is kidnapped by Alien Dada. A mysterious woman named Raiha Toha appears and reveals that Eri is said to have a mysterious energy source, the Little Star, which aliens are chasing after. Skull Gomora returns to attack. What is Riku’s answer?!

Tatsuomi Hamada will perform the opening theme, Proof of GEED, with Voyager. The ending theme, Fragments of Hope, will be performed by Voyager.

The 25 episode series will premiere on July 8th in Japan at 9:00 AM on TV Tokyo.

Sources: Tsuburaya, Hobby Dengeki

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