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BandaiNamco, FIELDS Release Financial Highlights


BandaiNamco, FIELDS Release Financial Highlights

BandaiNamco and FIELDS have released information regarding the performances of their top brands over the last year, including Super Sentai and Ultraman.

FIELDS Corporation, the owner of Tsuburaya Productions, have released performance data regarding Ultraman over the last year.
Ultraman Orb, the 50th anniversary Ultraman series, aired in 2016 and was said to have reached 800 million views during its run, an increase of 100% from the previous year. (Ultraman X)

In addition to viewing figures, FIELDS also noted that the toys for the brand have seen an impressive growth during Ultraman Orb’s run. In total Ultraman’s 2016 performance was up by 30% over 2015, with 3.1 billion yen worth of toys sold. BandaiNamco also forecast sales of 4.5 billion yen for the upcoming fiscal year.

The Kamen Rider brand saw an increase in the fiscal year 2017, seeing a jump in sales to 20.4 billion yen from the previous year’s 15.7 billion yen. The first half of the year sold 7.0 billion yen worth of toys. Forecasts for the next fiscal year trend slightly down with 20.0 billion yen predicted in sales.

The Super Sentai/Power Rangers brand also saw an increase. The year correlating with Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger’s run jumped to 8.8 billion yen after the 7.8 billion yen earned by the brand during the broadcast of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Current estimates for the next fiscal year, which include the run of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger forecast an increase in toys sold to 11.0 billion yen. If these forecasts are reflected in actual sales, this would mark the highest earning year for the brand since 2014.

Sources: BandaiNamco, FIELDS

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