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Special “Kaiju Sakaba” Collaboration Event Takes Place in Tokyo


Special “Kaiju Sakaba” Collaboration Event Takes Place in Tokyo


A special collaboration event at local bars in Japan featuring various kaiju from the Ultraman series took place this past April 5th in celebration of Aoki Uhei’s manga, Meitei! Kaiju Sakaba.

To celebrate the 4th volume of Aoki Uhei’s manga, Meitei! Kaiju Sakaba took place this past April 5th in Japan in the Shimokitazawa neighborhood in Tokyo.


Ultraman monsters Dada, Zetton, and Kemur Man, alongside the actor Yuma Yamoto of Super Salaryman Mr. Saenai fame was featured in this collaboration event.

kaiju3 kaiju2

Limited edition coasters displaying the collaboration visuals and leaflets from chapter three of the manga will be distributed at any participating establishment listed on the Natalie Comics website.

kaiju5 kaiju4

Temporary book covers featuring the collaboration visuals, and other merchandise will be offered by Bunkyōdō Animega and other participating bookstores. Kaijū Sakaba Kanpai! was also adapted into an anime in the summer 2015. A real life “kaiju sakaba” also exists in Kawasaki, complete with an Ultraman-themed menu and costumed actors.

Source: Natalie Comics via Anime News Network

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