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Go Go Power Rangers Comic Coming This July


Go Go Power Rangers Comic Coming This July

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Go Go Power Rangers 1

Go Go Power Rangers #1

BOOM! Studios just announced a new Power Rangers ongoing that will focus on their personal lives.

July will be a big month for the Power Rangers comics at BOOM! Studios. Not only will Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers be starting a new story arc with issue #17, it will also be joined by writer Ryan Parrott and artist Dan Mora’s new Go Go Power Rangers, an ongoing series set immediately after the events of the original show’s pilot episode.

In an interview with Mashable, Parrott described the thoughts behind Go Go‘s premise.

“One of the things about the pilot that I liked so much is that they just get dropped into the entire thing. They’re morphing; they have Zords; and then they’re fighting a giant monkey in an armored suit. It’s like, ‘it’s that fast?’” Parrott laughs. “The day after that, sitting in the local diner while everybody’s wondering what happened is exactly one of the scenes in the first issue — them sitting around going, ‘What just happened?’ I think that’s the fun. That’s a lot of where the stories of Go Go will take place, in those in-between moments… where they actually respond like real people.”

GGPR will be the emotional, character-focused sister series to the bombastic MMPR, and will answer questions about who the five teenagers with attitude really are behind the bright spandex. Check out Dan Mora’s concept art below and keep an eye out for Go Go Power Rangers #1 this July.

Go Go Power Rangers Characters

UPDATE 4/25/2017: BOOM! Studios provided The Tokusatsu Network with variant covers for Go Go Power Rangers #1, which you can view below.

Source: Mashable

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