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Tsuburaya Productions Celebrates Ultra Seven’s 50th Anniversary with “Ultraman the Rock” Album


Tsuburaya Productions Celebrates Ultra Seven’s 50th Anniversary with “Ultraman the Rock” Album

Ultraman the Rock

Tsuburaya Productions approves of a music album to celebrate Ultra Seven’s 50th anniversary, set to release on June 7th, 2017, named, “Ultraman the Rock” 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the second entry to the Ultraman series, Ultra Seven, Tsuburaya Productions announced the “Ultraman the Rock” album.

The music album is composed of rock music remixes of classic Ultra series theme songs from the Ultraman franchise. It will release on June 7th, 2017, and for  ¥2,000 with tax included.

Members from various Japanese bands such as, Owarikara, Natsu no Mamono, and Friends formed a special musical group named, Science Sound Special Players, who will perform the music in the album.

Notable voice actress Megumi Han, who recently voiced Kyuemon Izayoi in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, will also provide guest vocals on of the album’s tracks.

The official website of Science Sound Special Players further posted other notable guest vocalists:

Now displaying the Science Of Sound Special Players’ first major album “Ultraman The Rock” with its jacket portrait, on sale on June 7th!

The overflowing, bold, impactful design has been arranged to celebrate 50 years since we welcomed the broadcast of Ultra Seven this year!
Like his previous work, the art was created by guitarist Hideki Ryou with all his might.

And we also have wonderful guest appearances on our recorded songs!

We have the well-known popular voice actress Megumi Han, known for such things as the film “In A Corner Of This World” and the anime “HUNTER X HUNTER” participating as a guest vocalist on “Ultraman A”! Han is a genuine Ultrafan who did double duty playing the roles of both Seiji Hokuto and Yuuko Minami (!) in the Ultraman motion comic manga. This will be a duet with band member Hyouri Hokuto, and you’ll hear them both combined! A must-hear!

Additionally we’re working with the original arranger of the song “Brave Love, TIGA” Yasuhiko Fukuda on synthesizer!

It features the original sequence data, and this miraculous collaboration called “2017 Version Brave Love, TIGA” is already being passed through the final stages. Fans of the original should also anticipate this, please!

And also, Hiroshi Kido will be appearing as the guest drummer on our newly recorded Ultra Seven and Ultraman X songs!

Known for his role as members of the band JUDE as lead by Kenichi Asai as well as unkie, as well as working as a support drummer for distinguished artists such as Fujifabric, DREAMS COME TRUE, and Ikimono-gakari, Mr. Kido is an example to Japan’s young drummers, and we’re thankful for his ultra-strong support with the sound of this Ultra Beat on the album!

This major full album is overflowing with energy and variety that can’t be compared to anything before it.
It’s only a little longer until it’s on sale, so look forward to it!

“Ultraman the Rock” will contain about 25 tracks, including new recordings of the theme songs from Ultra Seven, Ultraman X, Ultraman A, Ultraman Tiga “Brave Love, TIGA”, and “Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero” as well as:

  • “Main Theme of Ultra Q”
  • “Ultraman’s Song”
  • “The Return of Ultraman”
  • “Ultraman Taro”
  • “Ultraman Leo”
  • “Ultraman 80”
  • “Bokura no Great”


Source: Science Sound Players Official Online Base via Crunchyroll

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