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Tomodachi Game Live-Action Drama Stars Several Tokusatsu Alums

Casting Announcements

Tomodachi Game Live-Action Drama Stars Several Tokusatsu Alums


The live-action Tomodachi Game series stars various Kamen Rider and Super Sentai alums.

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The live-action adaption of Yuki Sato’s manga, Tomodachi Game, has cast former tokusatsu alums as characters in the drama. The cast includes:

  • Ryō Yoshizawa, known for playing Ryusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor from Kamen Rider Fourze, as Yūichi Katagiri, the story’s protagonist.
  • Rio Uchida, known for playing Kiriko Shijima in Kamen Rider Drive, as Shiho Sawaragi, the heroine.
  • Yūki Yamada, known for playing Joe Gibken in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, as Tenji Mikasa.
  • Yūki Kubota, known for playing Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu in Kamen Rider Gaim, as Ren Tōjō, an original character.
  • Shimon Okura as Makoto Shibe.
  • Nagi Nemoto as Yutori Kokorogi.
  • Amatsu as the voice of Manabu-kun, the puppet guide for the Tomodachi Game.


The story centers around Yūichi Katagiri, a perfect student who has four friends with difficult lives. His peaceful life ends when a school trip fee of 2 million yen goes missing. Yūichi and his friends get caught up in a mysterious game to decide whether friendship or money matters more.

Tomodachi Game is planned to have one drama and two film adaptions slated for this year. The series will premiere on Chiba TV at 10:30pm on Chiba TV.

Source: Anime News Network

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