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Oni Press Announces Brobots and the Mecha Malarkey


Oni Press Announces Brobots and the Mecha Malarkey

Brobots 2

Oni Press announced the next installment of Brobots by J. Torres and Sean Dove.

Oni Press announced via press release that Brobots Volume 2: Brobots and the Mecha Malarkey will be releasing this summer as the second entry in J. Torres and Sean Dove’s Brobots graphic novel series. The first entry, Brobots and the Kaiju Kerfuffle, saw three robot brothers banding together to fight a giant monster. Brobots combines the concept of kaiju-mech stories and fairytales. Now, they’re set to face a villain called the Semisweet ChocoWitch of Crime Brûlée Mountain.

“Take a half cup of Power Rangers with a tablespoon of Powerpuff Girls and add a dash of Voltron for a recipe we’re calling “BroBots and the Mecha Malarkey”!

Joseph “J.” Torres is a writer known for his work on the Teen Titans Go! comic and The Mighty Zodiac, also from Oni Press. Sean Dove is a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked with Hasbro, Marvel, Shout! Factory, and other companies. He also created The Last Days of Danger and Fried Rice.

Team TokuNet sat down with J. Torres and Sean Dove for an interview prior to the release of Brobots and the Kaiju Kerfuffle last year. Brobots and the Mecha Malarkey is coming to ComiXology and comic book stores on August 9th. Other book stores will have this entry in the Brobots series on August 22nd.

Source: Oni Press Press Release

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