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New Details on Idol Senshi Miracle Tunes and Roleplay Toys, Debuts April 2nd


New Details on Idol Senshi Miracle Tunes and Roleplay Toys, Debuts April 2nd


Takara Tomy has released additional information on the show’s plot, characters, and production, as well as a vast array of toys available for purchase for its new show debuting this weekend.

New information on the upcoming series Idol Senshi Miracle Tunes and their toy line have been released via the series’ official web page, Takara Tomy’s web site, and the official Miracle Tunes YouTube channel.

In this new tokusatsu series, the Land of Music has been dominated by a Demon King who stole the land’s Sound Jewels and turned them into a Negative Jewels. Now three young girls in the idol group Miracle Miracle (stylized as miracle²) must transform into the warriors Miracle Tunes to save the land and return the Sound Jewels to their rightful place.

The series is a colaboration between toy manufacturers Takara Tomy, manga publications Pucchigumi and Chao, as well as record label LDH known for their musical artists such as EXILE and E-girls.

The opening theme for the series has been announced, titled Catch Me! performed by the group miracle². The ending song is also performed by miracle², titled Heart’s Jewel.

Suzuka Adachi, Asaka Uchida, and Yubaha Ada play as the miracle² members Mai Kanzaki, Kanon Ichinose, and Fuuka Tachibana respectively. The series’ lead director is prolific Japanese film creator Takashi Miike, who has previously directed such tokusatsu properties as Keitai Sosakan 7 (2008) Yatterman (2009), Zebraman (2004), and episodes 15 and 16 of Ultraman Max. Miike is also directing the upcoming film adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.

miraclepod soundjewels

The members of miracle² transform into the warrior members of  Miracle Tunes by setting a Sound Jewel onto a transformation device known as the Miracle Pod. A variety of 48 different Sound Jewels will be sold as well as an additional Alpha Jewel. Sound Jewels are based on musical stylings such as samba, flamenco, and metal. The Miracle Pod released by Takara Tomy will also include a variety of modes that allow you to play digital games with the animated partners to Miracle Tunes, Poppun, Rocky, and Kuranosuke.

Once the girls transform, they each also have a Miracle Baton which is used as a weapon against evil hearts. The roleplay toy from Takara Tomy also includes a slot for the placement of Sound Jewels to reenact the events of the television series.

jewelpod jewelpendant

Other toys being advertised through Takara Tomy include the Sound Jewel Case to hold collected Sound Jewels, as well as the Sound Jewel Pendant as worn by the protagonists of the series prior to their transformation.

This is not Takara Tomy’s first foray into tokusatsu, as the toy company has previously produced other shows based on their toy lines such as Tomica Hero: Rescue Force and Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.

Idol Senshi Miracle Tunes airs this Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 on TV Tokyo at 10:30 AM JST.

Sources: Official Web Site, Takara Tomy, Official YouTube Channel

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