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Bandai’s Official YouTube Channel Releases Interview with Cast of Dino Force Brave


Bandai’s Official YouTube Channel Releases Interview with Cast of Dino Force Brave


The cast of the continuation series for Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger briefly discuss their characters and feelings about working on Power Rangers Dino Force Brave.

The six leading characters of Power Rangers Dino Force Brave (known as Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave in Japan) have given basic character descriptions and personal thoughts about being involved with the production of the upcoming series in a video released by the Official Bandai YouTube Channel on Tuesday.

Juyong Kwon / Brave Red Dino, played by Kim Seyong, is described as being a bright, fun, and exciting hero. Seyong believes that he’s a lot like his character.

Hyeonjun Jeon / Brave Black Dino, played by Hong Sungho, is a police officer and the eldest member of the team. He seems to neglect things but is kind at heart.

Sechang Kim / Brave Blue Dino, played by Oh Sehyun, is a pop idol who is learning to work diligently as a group. Sehyun says his relationship with the staff and the director was good and that they’ve created a wonderful show, hoping the audience will watch until the end.

Pureun Lee / Brave Green Dino, played by Lee Injun, is a young man whose family has a lot of money and finds the life of ordinary people to be mysterious. Injun states that he had a lot of fun doing this show, and that everyone put in a lot of effort to do their best work.

Dohee Yun / Brave Pink Dino, played by Lee Yujin, is a cute, determined, and fashionable girl. Yujin states that she was nervous during filming as this is her drama debut, but with the help of the staff and the director it was fun to film.

Juhyeok Kwon / Brave Gold Dino, played by Lee Seyoung, is a space mercenary who fights alone. Seyoung recalls that he was sometimes anxious about filming but that the director and staff made the job fun and revived his childhood.

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave will be debuting on the Official Bandai YouTube Channel for free on April 14th.

Source: Official Bandai YouTube Channel

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