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Ultra Fight Orb Spinoff Coming This Spring


Ultra Fight Orb Spinoff Coming This Spring

Ultra Fight Orb

Tsuburaya recently revealed new details for Ultra Fight Orb, a new spinoff miniseries of Ultraman Orb.

Ultraman Orb, the newest addition to the Ultra Series, is the gift that keeps on giving. Its prequel series, The Origin Saga, is currently airing on Amazon Prime Japan, the movie sequel is hitting theaters on March 11th, and it’s getting an Ultra Fight miniseries in April. Ultra Fight Orb will follow Kurenai Gai/Ultraman Orb as he battles new villain Phantom Wizard Ray Batos with the help of Ultraman Zero and his father Ultra Seven, star of the original Ultra Fight from 1970.

The Ultra Fight series, which includes Ultra Zero Fight and Ultra Fight Victory, are miniseries composed of short episodes with an emphasis on action. Victory director Koichi Sakamoto is returning for Ultra Fight Orb, along with Ultraman Orb’s head writer Junichiro Ashiki.

Ray Batos

Phantom Wizard Ray Batos

The full title of the latest Ultra Fight is Ultra Fight Orb: Lend Me the Power of a Parent and Child! and the synopsis is as follows:

Ray Batos, who can manipulate the ghosts of various monsters appears before Zero and Orb. Orb will use various fusion ups including Lightning Attacker as he fights against the ghost monsters. Orb has also inherited the parent-child power of Seven and Zero, Emerium Slugger! Will Orb be able to overcome the threat of Ray Batos?

Orb’s two new forms, Lightning Attacker (X and Ginga) and Emerium Slugger (Zero and Seven) were previously seen in the Ultraman Fusion Fight! arcade game, and are making their live action debut for Ultra Fight Orb.

Emerium Slugger

Emerium Slugger

Ultra Fight Orb‘s first episode will air on Saturday, April 15th. The show will last for eight three-minute long episodes during Ultraman Zero the Chronicle. Hideo Ishiguro returns as Gai/Orb, and is joined by Mamoru Miyano as the voice of Zero, and Koji Moritsugu as Seven.

Source: M-78

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