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Season 2 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel to Cameo Past Rangers


Season 2 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel to Cameo Past Rangers


The 25th Season of Power Rangers may include cameos from past Power Rangers according to Red Ranger actor, William Shewfelt.

The second season of Power Rangers: Ninja Steel marks the franchise’s 25th season, leaving fans wondering if Saban Brands would mimic the handful of cameo appearances of past heroes seen in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. According to William Shewfelt, actor of Brody the Red Ranger, that just might be the case.

Shewfelt recently visited Prescott Junior High School in Modesto, California, a school he attended in his youth. During his visit, Shewfelt worked out with kids, talked to college-aspiring students, and hosted an assembly to discuss his academic journey, and the path he took to eventually become an actor on Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

During the visit, Shewfelt spoke with The Modesto Bee, confirming he would be returning to New Zealand on January 15th to begin shooting the second season of Ninja Steel. According to reports, Shewfelt mentioned that it would be the 25th anniversary of the series, and would indeed be featuring guest appearances from popular past Rangers.

How many and to what extent remains to be seen. Video of Shewfelt’s Modesto visit can be found on The Modesto Bee.

Source: The Modesto Bee

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