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Masaki Suda Discusses Fanta CM and Kamen Rider Past in a New Interview


Masaki Suda Discusses Fanta CM and Kamen Rider Past in a New Interview


A new Fanta Lemon + C CM featuring Masaki Suda (Philip/Kamen Rider W) was released on January, 10th 2017 in Japan. 

In the CM, Masaki Suda is a tired convenience store clerk. He is only revived after drinking Fanta Lemon + C. Suda has had experience dancing since he was in junior high school. He worked with the choreographer to ensure there were no wasteful movements.

Suda is well known for his role as Philip in Kamen Rider W. He remembered the moves during the course of the series, stating:

“I remembered the poses when I transformed. I felt it was necessary to remain sharp, since in Kamen Rider W, there were lots of moves that I didn’t often do.”

Though Suda expressed 2016 was hard, he wanted to spend more time on each and every piece of work in 2017. 2017 brings the release of the movie Kiseki: Sobito of That Day. It is based off the Japanese rock/hip hop vocal group GReeeeN. Suda was cast as GReeen group member Hide.

Fanta Lemon + C was released on January 9, 2017. The 490 ml bottle features a QR code, which can be scanned. The movies for Suda’s limited video “Every Day Masaki Suda + C movie” change daily.  On special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Suda will offer a special message.

The CM is available the Coca Cola Japan Youtube Channel:

Source: Mynavi News, Fanta Japan

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