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Tsuburaya Adds “Triple Fighter” to YouTube


Tsuburaya Adds “Triple Fighter” to YouTube


Triple Fighter is the latest Tsuburaya show to be uploaded to YouTube following Redman’s finale.

The Tsuburaya Productions YouTube page is home to a diverse range of content related to the company’s flagship Ultra Series, local events and festivals, and various small projects and oddities from throughout their history. One such project is Triple Fighter, a 26-episode henshin hero show that aired back in 1972.

Triple Fighter stars the Hayase siblings, “the brillaint brain” Tetsuo, “the strongest body” Yuji, and “the generous spirit” Yuri. They each transform into Green, Red, and Orange Fighter respectively, before combining into the eponymous hero. They are assisted by the Space Attack Team in their battle against the Alien Devil.

Tsuburaya is splitting each of the show’s 26 episodes into five parts. Part 1 of Episode 1, “Triple Fighter vs. Darkman,” was uploaded earlier today. Fans can discuss the show as it comes out by using the #TripleFighter hashtag.

Source: Tsuburaya YouTube

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