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Super Sentai Artisan Aura Changer and Kiba Changer Revealed


Super Sentai Artisan Aura Changer and Kiba Changer Revealed


Premium Bandai has revealed the mystery Gosei Sentai Dairanger related Super Sentai Artisan item as an Aura Changer and Kiba Changer Set.

After much speculation that the previously teased item would be the Aura Changer, Bandai finally confirmed fan suspicions, but with a bit of a twist. Instead of just including the Aura Changer, Bandai instead is packing the Aura Changer in with Kiba Ranger’s version of the toy, the Kiba Changer. Both toys feature updated scaling, materials, and sounds to commemorate the Super Sentai Artisan release.

The Aura Changer is comprised of the Aura Gather and the Aura Spreader. The Aura Spreader will contain all of the dedicated electronics, while the Aura Gather contains a longer fold out arm containing a diecast metal ring on the end. The Aura Gather extends to 204mm in length with the Aura Spreader sitting at a static 100mm. Both toys are roughly 56mm in width. The Aura Changer not only includes the transformation sounds for the Dairanger, but will also cycle through the roll of the five main Dairanger. Each line is newly recorded by the returning cast member for each particular Dairanger.

The Kiba Changer is comprised of the keychain Kiba Emblem, as well as the wrist mounted Kiba Spreader. The Kiba Spreader contains all of the dedicated electronics while the Kiba Emblem itself is a large diecast metal keychain, much like in the show and previous toy. The Kiba Emblem clocks in at 52mm wide and 113mm long while the Kiba Spreader sits at 56mm wide and 100mm long. The Kiba Changer contains newly recorded roll call voice over from Kibaranger’s sword, Byakkoshinken.

The Aura Changer and Kiba Changer Set is now available for preorder and will close on December 26th, 2016.

The set retails for ¥10,584 before fees and shipping with a release set for March, 2017.

Source and Image Source: Premium Bandai

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