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ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- Info & Trailer


ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- Info & Trailer


GARO’s Zero returns in 2017 with “ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- . Today, the story and characters of the show have been revealed.

Once more he returns.
The man by the name of Rei Suzumura, also known as… ZERO.
In the all new Garo series, -DRAGON BLOOD-
Featuring the high school girl heroine, Shin Aoshima!
Mary Matsuyama, Yuria Haga, and Taka Guadacanal also make an appearance!
The long-awaited announcement of the main cast, teaser trailer, and the lifting of the production non-disclosure!

The latest series featuring the popular character Zero from Garo will be broadcast at last in 2017.


The story will tell the tale of the lonely Silver Fanged Knight, Rei Suzumura (Rei Fujita)’s newest battle. It will further the exploration of the extremely well-received world and story line introduced in the previous work, -BLACK BLOOD-, focusing on its gritty style and stylish action.

Master designer Keita Amemiya, the original director, is a world renowned expert in special effects. He created the world view, the world’s backstory, the new characters, and of course, worked on a number of the designs. In addition to this, he has taken up the megaphone as the director of the story itself, committing fully to making the feeling of the production shine throughout. Writer Sumiko Umeda, writer of a large number of screenplays throughout the Garo series and author of soon-to-be-released horror novel, is in charge of the screenplay. Ray Fujita delivers an enthusiastic performance as the hero, Rei Suzumura (Silver Fanged Knight Zero) as a Makai Knight — but also one man — who achieves further personal growth and confronts his most unprecedentedly harsh battle yet.


Of particular interest in this story are the complex relationships woven between Rei Suzumura and a variety of characters. Alice Hiromi, who appears in the story, is a very, very ordinary girl who has no idea how to wield a sword. She is portrayed by high school model Shin Aoshima, who was carefully selected by audition. While a rookie actress, her distinct personality and sense of clarity are important factors that are the significance of her appearance in the story line.


In addition, Mary Matsuyama makes her long awaited return to the Garo series as popular character Makai Priestess Rekka. For some time, Zero and Rekka have considered themselves allies.


One of the key characters in the story is Makai Priestess Kagome, portrayed by an actress familiar to tokusatsu fans, particularly from Kamen Rider 555, Yuria Haga.

Furthermore, Taka Guadalcanal reprises his role as Bakura and Kurehi, portrayed by Kuran, adds a touch of elegance. Ai Orikasa provides the dignified voice of Makai Necklace Silva, Zero’s supporting partner over the years.

ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD– is scheduled for broadcast in 2017.

You can watch a teaser trailer below on the Tokusatsu Network YouTube Channel :

Source: Press Release

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