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Ranger Key Set 2000th Edition Contents Revealed


Ranger Key Set 2000th Edition Contents Revealed


Premium Bandai announced the contents of the Ranger Key Set 2000th Edition featuring Ranger Keys from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

In total, the set includes 12 Ranger Keys:

• Akaninger (Takaharu)
• Aoninger
• Kininger
• Shironinger
• Momoninger
• Starninger
• Midoninger
• Akaninger (Tsumuji)
• Akaninger (Yoshitaka)
• Dark Akaninger
• Kyoryu Pink
• ToQ 4Gou

With this release, the set includes every Ranger from Ninninger, including movie and special exclusive characters. The inclusion of Kyoryu Pink and ToQ 4Gou is an oddity, but fans that have seen the 1999th episode of Super Sentai know Gokai Pink and Gokai Green used those respective Ranger Keys in the episode. Gokai Yellow had used Yellow Buster, but a Ranger Key of her isn’t included in the set.

Unlike previous Ranger Key Sets that contain new teams, this set isn’t slated to include any “sound canisters” that contain sounds or phrases from the series. This, coupled with the inclusion of Kyoryu Pink and ToQ 4Gou lead many to speculate a newly updated Mobirates will be released in the future, but such an item hasn’t been teased or announced by Bandai.

Ranger Key Set 2000th Edition will release in February, 2017 for ¥16,200 before middleman fees and shipping.

Preorders have already begun and will conclude at an unannounced date.

Source: Premium Bandai

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