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This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [8/8 to 8/14 2016]


This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [8/8 to 8/14 2016]

This Week in Toku Actor Blogs, it still feels like summer vacation with the amount of fun everyone is having.

  • The cast of Zyuranger make an appearance with our one and only Chief! Will she be our new Blue Ranger?
  • Shun Nishime (Takeru from Kamen Rider Ghost) reaches a milestone in Twitter Followers: 60,000.
  • Hayato Isomura (Alain from Kamen Rider Ghost) claims all takoyaki for himself like his character.


  • Isomura carries on his back Takayuki Yanagi (Onari from Kamen Rider Ghost) through the halls.
  • Hiro Mizushima (Tendou from Kamen Rider Kabuto) gets himself a shave ice maker for the summer.
  • Fumika Shimizu (Yuuki from Kamen Rider Fourze) believes that Snoopy is cute no matter what angle he sleeps.


  • Miki Yanagi (Sela from Zyuohger) enjoys a fireworks display at Nagaoka.
  • Haruka Tateishi (Amu from Zyuohger) alongside Yanagi visits Kyushu.
  • The Ninninger cast goes out for dinner in a mini reunion.

Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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