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The Gokaiger Cast Comments on their Return


The Gokaiger Cast Comments on their Return


The cast of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger share their thoughts about their return for the landmark 1999th and 2000th episode of Super Sentai. 

Ryota Ozawa, who portrayed Captain Marvelous in Gokaiger mentions how they are “heartily back, with a great photo!” Ozawa remarked that, after seeing all the staff on location, there’s a feeling of “they’re back!” atmosphere all around. There’s so much nostalgia donning his costume again, alongside the backstage fun that he had a long time ago. Doing the transformation scene with the other five members is deeply engraved even now.

Yuki Yamada, who potrayed Joe Gibken, says on his Twitter account:

I’m glad the six of us are back. There’s been so much happening ever since our debut five years ago. I have been learning so much from everyone. Even from those who didn’t watch the show at that time. The person I am today is all thanks to the Gokaigers.

Yamada also has been watching the Zyuohger series every week. The characters, as well as the cast are so well balanced, it feels like a kid watching this at home again.

Ichimichi Mao, who played Luka Millfy, says she was so happy to portray her character. She feels so much nostalgia wearing the same clothes she wore back then. Being there brings back a lot of memories, there’s a bit of hint of anxiousness, but there’s also a sense of warmth returning to play her character.

Kazuki Shimizu, who portrayed Don Dogoier, feels that even though his character will be returning, it feels fresh and at the same time nostalgic. There’s a new feeling of excitement this time around. Hee also feels so happy to be a part of Super Sentai history, especially since he loved the series as a child.

Yui Koike, who portrayed Ahim De Famille, says was happy to see the staff who were around when Gokaiger began filming. She loves the fact that she is part of a series that is adorn by children and adults. She will continue supporting the series as a fan herself.

Junya Ikeda, who portrayed Gai, mentioned that five years ago, the series included so many guest stars during the run of the series. But this time, he feels so special now that the Gokaigers are now considered the special guest stars.

Episode 28, the 1999th Super Sentai episode will be called, “The Space Pirates Return” and air on September 4th. The 2000th episode, the 29th of Zyuohger, is called, “The Champion Inside of the Champion” and air on September 11th.

Source: TV AsahiRyota Ozawa’s TwitterYuki Yamada’s Twitter

EDIT: Updated with Kazuki Shimizu’s comments as well as Yui Koike’s comments.


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  1. Larry

    August 24, 2016 at 8:38 am

    Could you also translate Kazuki Shimizu comments from the article.

    • Robin Caine

      August 24, 2016 at 10:34 pm

      Hello, Larry.

      Thank you so much for your reply. Please find an updated version of the article. Yui Koike’s comments were actually Kazuki Shimizu’s comments, just with a different name attached.

      Please have a great day and thank you so much for visiting.

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