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Next Time On Ultraman Orb: Episode 3

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Next Time On Ultraman Orb: Episode 3

Ultraman Orb 3

Gai and the SSP battle a horrific stench and Orb utilizes a new form in Episode 3 of Ultraman OrbMonster Territorial Waters

Episode 3: Monster Territorial Waters

Water has started to emit a strange smell, which is revealed to be caused by a Maoju of the Water, MagaJappa!

Naomi and Shin of the SSP arrive at the scene and remember Jetta’s words, “Us being here and reporting what happens with the monsters can help people!”. Gai, motivated by these words, decides to battle the monster.

Barely withstanding MagaJappa’s smell attacks, Orb uses a new form, Burn Mite!

Source: TV-Tokyo

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