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Ayame Misaki Announces Marriage


Ayame Misaki Announces Marriage


Ayame Misaki, who portrayed Escape from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, recently announced her marriage.

Ayame Misaki recently married a 36 year-old man who markets energy saving plans this past Monday, July 11, 2016. The announcement was made on the 12th through her affiliated office.

According to the office, they met last May when a married couple invited them over for a game of Mahjong. Misaki said that when you play Mahjong, it brings out one’s personality, and she was charmed by her now husband’s calm manners. From then on, they played mahjong together, had lunch dates out when they had time, laughed together, are both from Hyogo prefecture, and whenever they were together she felt a feeling of comfort.

In addition to that, she remarked on a blog post after revealing her engagement, that he is really understanding of her job, remains calm all the time, and wraps her with deep affection.

She states that she will continue to work hard in her career and hopes that everyone will continue to support her.

I got married???

A photo posted by 水崎 綾女 (@misakiayame) on

Source: Asahi, Instagram

Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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