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Kamen Rider Fourze’s Ryūki Takahashi Retires Due to Health


Kamen Rider Fourze’s Ryūki Takahashi Retires Due to Health


Ryūki Takahashi, best known for his portrayal of Kengo Utahoshi, Kamen Rider Fourze announced his retirement from entertainment due to health reasons.

Takahashi posted the following on his personal blog on June 8, 2016:

I am Ryuki Takahashi.

I have decided to graduate from both the actor group D-BOYS and show business.

I think this announcement may have been surprising for many. Please accept my apologies.

I had been having increasing doubts about my health and after going to the hospital, I was told further studies were required.

As a result, it turned out it is something that requires a long time of treatment and after talking both with my family and with the staff at work, we decided that my health was priority number one and a decision was made.

To all the fans and related people, thank you very much for all the support to this day.
Also, I express my deepest apologies to all those working in projects affected by this situation.

I will now concentrate on getting well and once done, will take my next step.

Thank you very much.


Takahashi will also be graduate from the popular male acting group, D-BOYS, whose notable members also include Kamen Rider Kiva‘s Kōji Seto and Kamen Rider Den O‘s Yuichi Nakamura.

Source: Takahashi’s Blog via Anime News Network

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