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This Week in Tokusatsu Fashion [5/15/16]


This Week in Tokusatsu Fashion [5/15/16]


In “This Week in Tokusatsu Fashion”, Toku Fashion Critics and the Tokusatsu Network showcase the newest releases in Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and other tokusatsu-themed clothing and accessories.

We missed a week, so we will be covering two weeks at once today! There are many new Kamen Rider Ghost items focusing on Alain/Necrom and his new costume, as well as new t-shirts for both Rider series and Zyuohger.

Alain Costume Items (Kamen Rider Ghost)

Last week, many new items opened for pre-order from Alain’s new costume in Kamen Rider Ghost.


Clothing items include a white long-sleeve t-shirt (5,400 yen, July release, size S-L);

White and silver pants
 (9,720 yen, July release, sizes XS-L);

1000104274_4 (1)
green shawl (8,640 yen, July release, one size fits all);


And a grey skirt (7,238 yen, July release, also one size fits all).

For jewelry/accessories, a bracelet and ring are both available as made-to-order items, meaning that they will be delivered approximately two months after ordering.


There is a turquoise and glass beaded bracelet (9,396 yen);


… as well as a Necrom-themed cubic zirconia and sterling silver ring (16,200 yen).


Alain’s feather earring is also being re-released for June (3,240 yen, pierced and clip-on options).

Kamen Rider T-shirts

Two new Kamen Rider shirts have been announced this week.


Keeping with the Necrom theme, a Necrom t-shirt is in pre-order fulfillment (3,240 yen, May release) and will likely be available for general orders after May 16th.


A Kamen Rider Amazons shirt from the new web series is 3,564 yen and a June release (sizes S-XL).


Premium Bandai has also opened pre-orders for two new Zyuoh Eagle long-sleeve t-shirts.


The eagle motif shirt is 3,500 yen and a June release.


The forest pattern shirt is also is 3,500 yen and a June release.


Source and Images: Premium Bandai Fashion

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