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Power Rangers Toy Fair 2016 Roundup


Power Rangers Toy Fair 2016 Roundup


During last weekend’s New York Toy Fair 2016, Bandai America displayed a wide array of new Power Rangers products for 2016 for both Dino Super Charge and Legacy toy lines. 


The Dino Super Charge display was not a wealth of surprises thanks to numerous image leaks from various online retailers. Regardless of leaks, Bandai came with a full helping of new toys to show off. For the 5″ scale Action Hero figures, Bandai officially displayed a number of villain figures such as Teacher, Ninja, and Shinge, along with the wide array of Dino Super Drive mode figures for all 10 Rangers. While there wasn’t anything new we haven’t seen online, seeing the figures in physical form was neat.


Naturally, Bandai brought the final Megazord to the show in the form of the Titano Charge Megazord, the Dino Charge rendition of Bragigas from Kyoryuger. Also shown for the first time physically were our two newest Zords, the Oviraptor Zord and the Archelon Zords. Finally, the newest repaints in the line were on display, with the Gold T-Rex Zord and repainted Spino Zord gracing the display.


Finally, the flood of Deluxe Morphers and weapons made their appearance. Officially shown is the new Limited Edition versions of the Dino Charge Morpher (colored green), the T-Rex Super Charge Morpher (colored white to mimic the Minityra seen in Kyoryuger: 100 Years After), and the Dino Saber (colored blue and red to match the Titano Charge Morpher). The Titano Charge Morpher itself was also on display.


The 12″ collectible figures also made an appearance in the form of some new releases in Snide, the Purple Ranger, and the Silver Ranger. While nothing new was shown to most fans, seeing these new toys in physical form for the first time was surely a treat.


The Legacy toy line suffered a similar fate, with the two at-show surprises being leaked by a Chinese retailer a mere week before the show. On display was the final product of the Legacy Falconzord, due in stores next month, as well as a new prototype of the Legacy Communicator, due out later this year. Also shown was the final versions of the Red, Blue, and Pink versions of the Legacy Morpher Movie Edition. Each colored Morpher will include a normal version of the Dino Coin, as well as the “tribal” coin design.


New items include the Legacy Communicator Green and White Edition, an alternative version of the Legacy Communicator that includes bands for the Green and White Rangers’ designs. Also shown was the all new Black and Gold Legacy Dragonzord, to partner with the Black and Gold Legacy Megazord released late 2015.


Perhaps what was most interesting is what couldn’t be photographed. Officially announced at Toy Fair was the Legacy Ninja Megazord, due out later this year for around $80 (price not final). While no prototype was on display, the Ninja Megazord has been confirmed to be Bandai’s next Legacy Megazord release. It will, of course, be able to combine with the Legacy Falconzord to create the Ninja Mega Falconzord.

Bandai’s biggest announcement came in the form of an all-new Legacy figure line. Starting with Mighty Morphin and Ninja Storm later this year, Bandai plans to release “every Ranger ever” in figure form, for as long as it takes to complete. It was said that Bandai plans to release new assortments every four months, with two seasons being released in a year. These are completely new 6.5″ scale molds, that are said to fall somewhere between an Action Hero figure and an S.H.Figuarts figure. Figures won’t have swappable hands, but will come with iconic accessories.

Each core Ranger figure will include a limb to create a build-a-figure version of that team’s first Megazord. For instance, collecting all five Mighty Morphin Rangers will give you five Zords that snap together to form a poseable Dino Megazord figure. Sixth (and extra) Rangers released in the line will include additional accessories to make up for the lack of build-a-figure piece. Each Legacy figure is said to retail for $19.99 each.

Our friends over at TokuNation had a chance to chat with the Bandai representatives, answering a few of fans’ biggest questions. Our friends at RangerCrew also attended the event, showing off the new items Bandai had on display. Huge thanks to these two sites for bringing us up-to-date information and photos from the show.

Source: TokuNation (Information), RangerCrew (Photos)

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