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This Week in Tokusatsu Fashion [4/29/16]


This Week in Tokusatsu Fashion [4/29/16]


In “This Week in Tokusatsu Fashion”, Toku Fashion Critics and the Tokusatsu Network showcase the newest releases in Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and other tokusatsu-themed clothing and accessories.


This week, many new Kamen Rider t-shirts were announced for May and June pre-order, as well as 45th anniversary boxers/underwear and a Windscale accessory re-release.

Kamen Rider 45th Anniversary T-shirts


45th Anniversary Transformation Belt T-shirts come in white or black (3,240, S-XL).


45th Anniversary Deformed Chibi/SD Rider t-shirts come in a Black/White variety (3,240, S-XL)…


… and a full color variety (3,240, S-XL). All of these t-shirts are May releases.

Kamen Rider Series T-Shirts


For series-specific t-shirts, a new Kamen Rider Ghost Eyecon Pattern T-shirt is available in white or black (3,240, S-XL) for May release.


A Kamen Rider Kabuto shirt designed by Sugawara Yoshihito is also available for June pre-order (4,104 yen, S-XL).

Kamen Rider 45th Anniversary Boxers

PicMonkey Collage (50)

Premium Bandai has also announced June pre-orders for a series of colorful Kamen Rider transformation boxers in three varieties, Rider 1, Kuuga and Amazon (6,480 yen).

Kamen Rider W/Windscale

Last but not least, Premium Bandai is re-releasing genuine leather Windscale Earth-themed bags, purses and wallets. The bags are made from light blue genuine leather, and will be re-released in June.

PicMonkey Collage (49)

From left to right above: Windscale Earth purse (34,560 yen); Windscale Earth wallet (27,000 yen); Windscale Earth business card holder  (9,720 yen); the Windscale Earth key case is (7,560 yen).

Source and Images: Premium Bandai FashionKamen Rider 45th Exhibition Shop


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