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This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [3/27 to 4/2]


This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [3/27 to 4/2]


This Week in Toku Actor Blogs, the Dairangers reunite after 23 years! Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

  • Keisuke Tsuchiya (Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star) had a day full of tears and joy as the Dairanger cast reunites.
  • Ei Hamura (Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star) remembers Master Kaku (Koji Naka) with everyone.



  • Junya Ikeda (Gai from Gokaiger) and Ryosuke Miura (Anku from Kamen Rider OOO) collaborate.
  • Shin Nagahama (Akira from ToQGer) enjoys a hot dog on a bun with ketchup and mustard.



Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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