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Mechanauts Predanauts Commander Commantis Toy Review


Mechanauts Predanauts Commander Commantis Toy Review


After highlighting David A. White during our Artist Feature, our toy guru ShukuenShinobi is here to take a look at the Mechanauts series Predanaut Commantis.

Mechanauts is part of the larger Mecha Zone series of 3D printed action figures designed, painted, and assembled by artist, David A. White.

Commantis is the leader of the evil Predanauts, a mutated group of Mechanauts bent on destruction and consumption. Commantis is built entirely from 3D printed models, being painted and assembled by hand in nothing short of top notch quality.

The figure was available as a $74.99 as a bagged figure, and $99.99 as a limited edition deluxe boxed figure.

Features of the toy are nothing to write home about, namely it’s a just figure with articulation, but it more than makes up for it in the sheer beauty and detail it provides. The figure contains ball and socket articulation at two points in its insect like neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles while having swivel joints in the elbows, “wrists”, and knees. This gives you access to tons of posing possibilities to make the design of the figure pop.

The sculpt and paint on the toy is simple spectacular. The black wash used on the translucent plastic darkens it to make it pop, while the paint gradients used in portions of the toy are done marvelously. The only issue I really have is how simple the plain purple portion of the chest looks compared to how beautiful everything else on the figure looks. Even so, I think it is fair to have a little bit of simplicity in an otherwise gorgeous figure.

The design in general is something that I really enjoy. Being a fan of Kamen Rider, the design seems like a monstrous design of Black RX combined with the Pokémon Scyther, which I think is really amazing. The coloring is a far step away from the prototype shown in the information booklet, and I’m happy for the change. The end toy has a wonderful palette of purples, silvers, blues, blacks, and golds that just meshes really well to create a beast more than capable of hiding in the shadows and destroying Mechanauts.

As with all custom made 3D printed toys, these cost a lot to produce, design, print, paint, assemble, and everything else required to get from paper to complete figure. This effort is shown in the price, as I know it is hard for most collectors to stomach $75-$100 on such a simple toy.

That being said, the love and passion displayed in this figure and this brand from David White is incredible, and it shows in the quality of Commantis.

I’m definitely a fan, and look forward to seeing what more intriguing designs come from Mechanauts and the Mecha Zone brand.

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For more information on David White, be sure to check out our Artist Feature as well as his website, Mecha Zone.

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