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Ultraman Ginga Duology Joins the Crunchyroll Family


Ultraman Ginga Duology Joins the Crunchyroll Family


Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Ginga S join Crunchyroll’s streaming library.

Last month, Crunchyroll added fan favorites Ultraman Nexus and Ultraman Gaia to its catalog and today those shows are joined by 2011’s Ultraman Ginga and its sequel, Ultraman Ginga S. 

Ginga follows Hikaru Raido as he returns to his hometown and ends up dragged into the aftermath of the Dark Spark War by becoming the host of Ultraman Ginga. Ginga S shows Hikaru joining up with UPG and meeting a new Ultra, Ultraman Victory.

Ultraman Ginga is responsible for introducing the Spark Doll gimmick to the Ultra franchise, something that would be used later by both Ginga S and Ultraman X.

Crunchyroll’s synopsis reads:

Ultraman Ginga and its sequel Ultraman Ginga S introduced the children the world over to the Spark Dolls. Ultraman Ginga tells the story of Hikaru Raidou, a young man who returns to his hometown to find his old school at the center of a bizarre and mysterious series of monster attacks. Hikaru is soon at the center of the action when he’s granted the power to bond with Ultraman Ginga, a mysterious giant who seems to be the only one who can deal with the rampaging giant monsters. The action heats up in Ginga S, where Hikaru is joined by Ultraman Victor and supported by the attack team UPG.

Ultraman Ginga and Ginga S will both drop tonight at 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST everywhere Crunchyroll is available except Asia and Latin America. Watch Here

Source: Crunchyroll

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