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Sentai Hero Series Zyuohger Instincts Awakening Set Announced


Sentai Hero Series Zyuohger Instincts Awakening Set Announced


Premium Bandai is set to release an exclusive five-piece Sentai Hero Series sofubi collection featuring the five Zyuohgers with their Instincts Awakened.

In Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger, the five Zyuohgers can activate their Instincts Awakened powers to harness their animal instincts. Zyuoh Eagle gains wings and the ability of flight, Zyuoh Shark gains a fin, Zyuoh Lion gains claws, Zyuoh Elephant gains giant feet, and Zyuoh Tiger also gains claws. The standard retail releases for the Sentai Hero Series of soft vinyl figures (called sofubi in Japan) contain the Zyuohgers in their normal modes, leaving their Instincts Awakening forms with no release.


Premium Bandai has put together a set of all five Zyuohgers with their respective Instinct Awakening features molded in. To add to the premium quality of the figures, each sofubi toy is painted with metallic paint, adding in details left unpainted in the normal releases. Also included as an added bonus is Zyuoh Eagle’s Eaglizer weapon that can be held by both versions of the Zyuoh Eagle Sentai Hero Series figure. Zyuoh Eagle, Zyuoh Lion, and Zyuoh Elephant stand roughly 165mm tall, while Zyuoh Shark and Zyuoh Tiger will stand roughly 160mm tall. All figures have rotation in their shoulders and waist.


The full set of five Zyuohgers is due to ship from Premium Bandai in June, 2016 for ¥8,100 before fees and shipping. As a Premium Bandai exclusive set, be sure to contact your preferred middleman service or online store to secure your order. Preorders will remain open until March 31st, 2016.

Source: Premium Bandai

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