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Kamen Rider Ghost Ganma Eyecon & Proto Mega Ulorder Set Announced


Kamen Rider Ghost Ganma Eyecon & Proto Mega Ulorder Set Announced


Quickly after the debut of the device in Kamen Rider GhostPremium Bandai has revealed the DX Ganma Eyecon & Proto Mega Ulorder.

This prototype version of Necrom’s Mega Ulorder is used by Igor, a Ganma Superior currently serving Alain’s brother Adel in the series. While it doesn’t contain the eye drop motif of the completed system, a Ganma Eyecon can be placed inside the brace that allows Igor to transform into previously defeated Ganma.


The Premium Bandai exclusive set contains Igor’s Ganma Eyecon, his “Ganma Change” Ghost Eyecon, as well as the Proto Mega Ulorder itself. Both Eyecons contain dedicated sounds, while the Proto Mega Ulorder has no special functions, simply acting as a plastic shell for the Ghost Eyecons.

Igor’s Ganma Eyecon is deep green, containing his symbol in the middle of the toy. Pressing the side button will play his transformation sounds as heard in the show. The Ganma Eyecon will also play the summoning sounds for Ganma Assaults, Ganma Commandos, and the Gundari.


The red and silver “Ganma Change” Ganma Eyecon will cycle through various Ganma that Igor has the ability to transform into. Shown on the sale page is the Knife Ganma, Machine Gun Ganma, and the Seiryuto Ganma. The page doesn’t list how many Ganma are available in the Ganma Eyecon. Inserting the Ganma Eyecon into the Proto Mega Ulorder will play “Loading!” with a transformation jingle.

The set will release in July, 2016 for ¥6,480 before fees and shipping. As a Premium Bandai Exclusive, interested buyers will have to contact their preferred middleman service or online store to track one down. Preorders are already live, and the toy is limited to 6,000 units before preorders close. Be sure to act fast to ensure your order.

Source: Premium Bandai

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