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S.H. Figuarts Bikel Available for Pre-order on Premium Bandai


S.H. Figuarts Bikel Available for Pre-order on Premium Bandai


Winspector’s wisecracking support droid, Bikel, available for Pre-Order on Premium Bandai.


Good news for fans of popular Metal Hero series Winspector today, as pre-orders for the wisecracking, Nagoya dialect speaking support droid, Bikel, became available on Friday, January 15 at 4pm JST.

Following the impending mass market release of Fire from the Winspector series, Bikel will be available through pre-order on the Premium Bandai site only.

In addition to the figure itself, the package will also include Bikel’s sidearm, the Daytrick M2, his signature weapons, the BiSpears (which can be joined in the center to form Javelin Mode), and four left hands and four right hands for posing. Additionally, the figure will include the miniature Winspector support droid Demitasse, who frequently rode on Bikel’s shoulder during the TV series.

The announcement on P-Bandai’s site also teases the impending release of the third member of Winspector, Walter.

Winspector is the first entry in the Rescue Police trilogy of Metal Hero shows which also includesSolbrain and Exceedraft. The story is unique among tokusatsu series for being episodic rather than having an overarching plot and having no “main villain”.

Fans of the series praise it for depicting courageous police officers determined to risk their lives using high-tech equipment to rescue people in catastrophic situations and prevent crimes rather than focusing on fighting enemies.

Bikel will ship in June 2016; the figure retails for 7,020 yen.

Source and Image: Premium Bandai

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