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Project.R Announced Second “Return Festival Show”


Project.R Announced Second “Return Festival Show”


In commemoration of the release of Dekaranger: 10 Years After, Project.R announced their second Return Festival Show.

Project R. is a band well-known for performing the opening songs of many Super Sentai series, such as Dekaranger, Shinkenger, and Goseiger, among many others. This band, formed in 2008, a part of Columbia Japan. It is composed of many artists who have performed Super Sentai theme songs in the past, such as Psychic Lover.

Their first Return Festival was in November 2015, but due to demand they have scheduled a second. The second Return Festival will be held on December 26th in Harajuku.

Hideaki Takatori and his band Z-Ki will be joined by Shun Shioya (Hurricane Red) and Kohei Yamamoto (Hurricane Yellow) as well as the vocal group Junretsu.


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