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This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [11/1 to 11/7]


This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [11/1 to 11/7]


This Week in Toku Actor Blogs, the Tokusatsu Network catches up with the S.P.D. from their blog posts from the official Toei Hero site. 

Ryuji Sainei (Ban/DekaRed):

After 10 years, Ryuji Sainei thanks himself from 10 years ago for being able to play Ban once again (Ryuji Sainei recently changed the kanji in his name, but it is still read the same way). He gets to portray DekaRed who is now part of the Firing Squad after being promoted. The main scenes was to be filmed in the afternoon so the morning was all filmed in a studio and was the heart of the media coverage. He also noted how much different the studio looks compared to when he filmed the original series, noting that the toilets have also moved. Everything else feels so nostalgic, despite his character going through some updates in status quo.

Tsuyoshi Hayashi (Hoji/DekaBlue):

He thought he’d be more nervous about returning but the atmosphere on set was so much like the Dekaranger days, he didn’t feel any nerves. Hoji’s English, more than improving, has increased in power, so phrases like “Super cool and perfect” are to be expected. The project was in a LINE group conversation in which they talked about this project and hoped for Toei to give their support. “That ending 10 years ago was so good that I feel both excitement and fear about how the viewers will receive Dekaranger 10 years after it concluded”

Yosuke Ito (Sen/DekaGreen):

He realized 10 years had passed on his way to the set to film his first scene. He is very close to Hayashi (DekaBlue) and they get together often. He also had met with the rest of the cast for the Power Rangers SPD dubbing so it wasn’t that long since they had met. He feels grateful to the Hurricanger cast for having started the trend. “Sen-chan was my first role ever. Even after 10 years there is no difference in what I do with him. I know that every time I look back to what I have done, Sen-chan will be right at the starting line.”

Ayumi Kinoshita (Jasmine/DekaYellow):

Kinoshita notes that, compared to other filming, Dekaranger’s area is filled with so much fun. However, on the first day of filming, she was filmed with nervousness, asking herself “Okay, am I doing this right? Did I forget anything?” She also felt nervous about filming a scene holding an infant but she is sure that she did that right. When the six members gather, she was nervous about her line delivery as well as how well she projected. She feels that many of her current lifestyle may overlap with the characters she portrays.

Mika Kikuchi (Umeko/DekaPink):

While knowing it was a “special”, the atmosphere on set was just the same. Just like meeting with your old schoolmates from years ago, after a little while, everything is back to what it used to be. The only difference she really noticed was that the skirt of her uniform was a little longer to reflect the time that has passed. Things actually felt so normal that it felt weird, she says. “You may have expected Sen-chan and Umeko married and with children, or maybe nothing happened… Umeko will be single for her whole life probably. (laughs)”

Tetsu Inada (Doggie Kruger):

Inada is a big fan, so of course he would come back to voice Doggie Kruger. The first scene filmed was at Jasmine’s small home, so when he went to visit it, he felt very cramped.
He feels that whenever he returns to his role as Doggie, it will always carry a nostalgia from the good ol’ days. He also feels that this special is particularly a movie about Doggie.
He hopes that in the next Dekaranger decade movie, that the movie will revolve around DekaSwan.

Tomokazu Yoshida (Aira/DekaBreak):

He had to do wardrobe and costuming in a short time in a very limited amount of space, but when he put on the costume, he had a strong feeling of nostalgia. When asked if he felt emotional after reuniting with the other six, he said, with a distant smile, “I did…”
It’s been ten years, over 3000 days since he’s been with the others. He’s looking forward to his scene, said there were some tears beforehand, but his scene was coming up and there was no place for them there. But shooting a scene in front of the Dekaroom did give him a pretty strong flashback. He says he’s looking forward to hearing the reactions of the people who love Dekaranger. Knowing that people enjoy it so much inspires him to work hard on it.

Source: Toei Hero


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