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6th Live Action GARO TV Series, 2nd ZERO TV Series, and Anime Movie Announced


6th Live Action GARO TV Series, 2nd ZERO TV Series, and Anime Movie Announced


At the GARO “Gold Thanksgiving” event that was streamed live on NicoNico tonight, 3 new GARO projects were announced for 2016.

The first project announced is a show entitled GARO – Retsuden (“Biographies”. The kanji for retsu is written 烈, which means “intense”). It was announced that it will include characters from the show’s history. It will begin airing in Spring 2016.

The second project announced is a new ZERO TV series, which will air in 2016 and once again star Ray Fujita as the title character. Ray Fujita portrayed ZERO in the original Garo series and its sequel, GARO: Makai Senki, before starring in the six episode ZERO: Black Blood miniseries in 2014.

Finally, an anime movie that will feature the characters from Garo: The Animation series (Garo: Honou no Kokuin / GARO: Divine Flame). Voice actor, Daisuke Namikawa and others will return to their roles. The director of the series, Yuichiro Hayashi, will also be returning to work on the movie.

The synopsis from the newly launched site reads:

The kingdom of Valiante is in the middle of a massive Witch Hunt, however, the targets are the protectors of humanity, Makai Knights and Priests. One of these is burned at the stake and she bears a child. The child was saved by his father but never knew his mother’s arms. The child, Leon Lewis, would inherit the Title of Destiny…

A short teaser trailer has also been released:

Source: GARO Project, GARO: Divine Flame

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