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Toei Official Streaming App Launches in Japan


Toei Official Streaming App Launches in Japan

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Toei announced a new app for iPhone and Android devices that enables portable device users to stream most of Toei’s tokusatsu library in a press conference held in Tokyo.

The Toei Tokusatsu Fanclub app will include behind the scenes details of currently airing Toei shows and a column with the latest news.

The first series to be aired are Kamen Rider Gaim, and Ressha Sentai ToQger as well as the fushigi comedy series Bishojo Kamen Poitrine and Metal Hero series like Space Sheriff Gavan and Ganbare! Robocon.

A total of 4739 episodes and some premium content will be available for a montly fee of 960 yen. It will include a social network for fans to interact.

Kento Handa, who played Takumi Inui on Kamen Rider 555 appeared as a guest. He expressed his enthusiasm for the app

For someone who enjoys Showa shows, this is an amazing treat. People who were elementary schoolers during the airing of the first Kamen Rider can revisit the show after 40 years, it can be a very interesting experience to watch it with their children and grandchildren.

He received an honorific member card with the number 555.

I think this number belongs to me now. My henshin device was a cellphone, a foldable one, which are rare nowadays. I feel very fortunate to receive this number.


Handa also talked about his filming experience.

I don’t appear much in the first episode (of Kamen Rider 555), that is because the location was done in Kyushu and I was still attending highschool in Hyogo. Toei did all they could to adjust the schedules but my availability was really limited so I appear very little.

Currently, only the Google Play app has been made available, the iPhone app is still in process.

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