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Premium Bandai Fashion Features Roidmude Brain


Premium Bandai Fashion Features Roidmude Brain


Premium Bandai Fashion Net added new products themed around one of Kamen Rider Drive‘s popular Roidmudes, Brain.

The three new additions to the Kamen Rider Drive merchandise collection on Premium Bandai are two Brain t-shirts and a hand towel. This character focused collection is sure to delight Brain fans.

The “Glasses Design T-Shirt” comes in three colors, dark green, black, and white. It features a large graphic of Brain’s glasses on the front underneath the text “Brain Roidmude.” The back features an athletic design with his Roidmude number, 003, printed boldly beneath his name.

The second shirt of the collection will help you mimic Brain’s style. The “Brain Wardrobe-Inspired T-shirt” is printed with his pocket and handkerchief. The front also features Brain’s glasses printed to give the illusion of hanging from the t-shirt’s collar. Similar to the other tee available, this one also has the text “Brain Roidmude” but is located on the back of this shirt.


The final addition to the collection is the “Glasses Pattern Towel.” Combining Brain’s two greatest loves, his glasses and his handkerchief, this small towel is knitted with a repeating glasses pattern. “Brain Roidmude” is embroidered on the bottom of the towel. The size of the towel is a 25 cm (nearly 10 inch) square.

Both t-shirts are available in three colors for Japanese small through extra-large sizes. The hand towel is available in one size and one color only.

All items are available for pre-order beginning August 31st, 11 am JST, and will be fulfilled in September.

Source: Premium Bandai Fashion Net

Double major in graphic design and fashion, with a minor in toku.

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