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BandaiNamco Releases Financial Highlights Report


BandaiNamco Releases Financial Highlights Report


BandaiNamco has released a quarterly report highlighting its strongest brands over the past three months.

The company revealed the progress of Kamen Rider Drive and Shuriken Sentai Ninninger in the finance report it released.  Kamen Rider Drive’s toy line is reported as having earned an estimated 2.1 billion during 2015’s first quarter and 5.0 billion all together through the end of June. The quarterly numbers for Kamen Rider Drive indicate a year-on-year drop from Kamen Rider Gaim‘s toy line as well as the lowest quarterly earnings since Kamen Rider Kiva‘s run. The company is also predicting a rough estimate of 15 billion yen for Kamen Rider by the end of the year, aligning with the first quarter of Kamen Rider Ghost.

Ninninger’s first quarter showed a drop off from the first quarter of last year’s show, Ressha Sentai ToQger, having earned 3.0 billion yen. Despite the drop, BandaiNamco is predicting the series will go on to perform better than ToQger’s toy line. The 3.0 billion yen earned by Ninninger marks a rare instance of Sentai performing better than a Kamen Rider toy line, which has become a rarity since the premiere of Kamen Rider Decade in 2009.

Ultraman saw an increase from the previous year with 2.0 billion yen earned up to the end of June, in part helped by the premiere of Ultraman X. The year-end predictions indicate an estimated 3.5 billion yen earned by the franchise, a three year high.

Source: BandaiNamco

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