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Rakuten Reveals First Quarter Kamen Rider Ghost Toy Listings


Rakuten Reveals First Quarter Kamen Rider Ghost Toy Listings


The global market store known as Rakuten has put up a number of listings for the first quarter toys from Kamen Rider Ghost!

With an announcement press conference for Kamen Rider Ghost right around the corner, it is no surprise that retailers are starting to prepare for the first quarter of merchandise for the next entry in the Kamen Rider franchise. Online retailer Rakuten let the proverbial beans spill a little early, revealing what could be the entire first quarter of toys to be released in October, November, and December of 2015.

The toy listings reveal a lot about the themes of Kamen Rider Ghost, as well as what to expect out of the playability of the toy lines. Ghost Icons will indeed be the gimmick used in the series, said to resemble eyes. Each Ghost Icon will contain the soul of a famous historical figure from all over the world. Each soul will allow Kamen Rider Ghost to transform into a new form, called Souls (魂/Tamashii). The toy line-up also reveals a second Rider who may be introduced right at the beginning of the show named Kamen Rider Specter. It is unknown if this Specter will be a friend or foe.

Note that all prices and releases dates listed are subject to change and can vary by retailer.

The Rider Hero Series of vinyl figures is a staple for Bandai’s toy lines. Small and affordable, they’re great for kids and collectors alike.

  • RHS01 Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Soul
    • (仮面ライダーゴースト オレ魂/Kamen Raidaa Goosuto Ore Tamashii)
    • October 2015, ¥972
  • RHS02 Kamen Rider Ghost Musashi Soul
    • (仮面ライダーゴースト ムサシ魂/Kamen Raidaa Goosuto Musashi Tamashii)
    • October 2015, ¥972
  • RHS03 Kamen Rider Specter
    • (仮面ライダースペクター/Kamen Raidaa Supekutaa)
    • October 2015, ¥972
  • RHS04 Kamen Rider Specter Tutankhamun Soul
    • (仮面ライダースペクター ツタンカーメン魂/Kamen Raidaa Supekutaa Tsutankaamen Tamashii)
    • December 2015, ¥972


The line of gimmick action figures will be known as GCS, most likely meaning “Ghost Change Series”. The line appears to be light on the individual figures, instead focusing on the different Ghosts that can be used with either the Ghost or Specter figures. Also listed is the big DX toy that is compatible with the GCS line in some capacity.

  • GCS01 Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Soul
    • (仮面ライダーゴースト オレ魂/Kamen Raidaa Goosuto Ore Tamashii)
    • October 2015, ¥3,456
  • GCS02 Musashi Ghost & Edison Ghost Set
    • (ムサシゴースト&エジソンゴーストセット/Musashii Goosuto & Ejisonn Goosuto Setto)
    • October 2015, ¥2,700
  • GCS03 Kamen Rider Specter
    • (仮面ライダースペクター/Kamen Raidaa Supekutaa)
    • November 2015, ¥3,456
  • GCS04 Robin Ghost & Billy the Kid Ghost Set
    • (ロビンゴースト&ビリー・ザ・キッドゴーストセット/Robin Goosuto & Birii Za Kiddo Goosuto Setto)
    • November 2015, ¥2,700
  • GCS05 Tutankhamun Ghost & Nobunaga Ghost Set
    • (ツタンカーメンゴースト&ノブナガゴーストセット/Tsutankaamen Goosuto & Nobunaga Goosuto Setto)
    • December 2015, ¥2,700
  • GCS06 Beethoven Ghost & Benkei Ghost Set
    • (ベートーベンゴースト&ベンケイゴーストセット/Beetooben Goosuto & Benkei Goosuto Setto)
    • December 2015, ¥2,700
  • Combining Sacred Beast DX Iguana Ghostriker 
    • (合体霊獣 DXイグアナストライカー/Gattai Reijyuu DX Iguana Sutoraikaa)
    • November 2015, ¥5,400


Jumping along to the DX series of toys, Ghost is bringing us the usual line up of a Driver, a sword weapon, and a gun weapon. Of course, the Ghost Icons will also be available as well, some being sold separately while some are being sold together with other Ghost Icons.

  • DX Ghost Driver
    • (DXゴーストドライバー/DX Goosuto Doraibaa)
    • October 2015, ¥7,980
  • 4-Mode Change DX Gangan Saber
    • (4モード変形 DXガンガンセイバー/4 Moodo Henkei DX Gangan Seibaa)
    • October 2015, ¥5,940
  • Gupa Handgun DX Gangan Hand
    • (グーパー拳銃 DXガンガンハンド/Guupaa Kenjyuu DX Gangan Hando)
    • November 2015, ¥4,860
  • Robin Ghost Icon
    • (ロビンゴーストアイコン/Robin Goosuto Aikon)
    • October 2015, ¥648
  • Billy the Kid Ghost Icon
    • (ビリー・ザ・キッドゴーストアイコン/Birii Za Kiddo Goosuto Aikon)
    • November 2015, ¥648
  • Tutankhamun Ghost Icon
    • (ツタンカーメンゴーストアイコン/Tsutankaamen Goosuto Aikon)
    • November 2015, ¥648
  • Beethoven & Nobunaga Ghost Icon
    • (ベートーベン&ノブナガゴーストアイコン/Beetooben & Nobunaga Goosuto Aikon)
    • November 2015, ¥1,296
  • Benkei Ghost Icon
    • (ベンケイゴーストアイコン/Benkei Goosuto Aikon)
    • December 2015, ¥648


Finally, the themed gadgets that were a staple in Kamen Rider from W to Wizard make a return in Kamen Rider Ghost! These will be known as the GG Series, most likely meaning Ghost Gadget Series. It is currently unknown if these gadgets come with any Ghost Icons.

  • GG01 Condor Phone
    • (コンドルデンワー/Kondoru Denwaa)
    • October 2015, ¥3,240
  • GG02 Cobra Mobile
    • (コブラケータイ/Kobura Keetai)
    • November 2015, ¥3,024
  • GG03 Bat Clock
    • (バットクロック/Batto Kurokku)
    • November 2015, ¥3,780
  • GG04 Spider Lantern
    • (クモランタン/Kumo Rantan)
    • December 2015, ¥3,024


What are you most excited for in Kamen Rider Ghost‘s upcoming toy line? The gimmick figures? The Ghost Icons? The return of the gadgets? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums, and stay tuned for more information on Kamen Rider Ghost!

Source: Rakuten Global Market

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