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Legacy Thunder Megazord and Legacy Blade Blaster on Display at SDCC 2015


Legacy Thunder Megazord and Legacy Blade Blaster on Display at SDCC 2015


The fans demanded it and Bandai listened as they revealed the Legacy Thunder Megazord at their display booth from San Diego Comic Con 2015.

Ever since the release of the White Tigerzord, fans have been chanting for a Legacy Thunder Megazord. After all, the Tigerzord had all of the necessary ports and movement to combine with potential Thunderzords, why would they not? Bandai has heard the demand, and has finally shown off their prototype of the Legacy Thunder Megazord, announcing it on their Instagram as soon as the convention doors opened.

The representative at the booth has stated that Bandai plans to release the toy by January, 2017. No exact release or price has been decided at this time. No features of the toy have been revealed either, such as whether or not the full Red Dragon Thunderzord will be included and transformable, or what the individual Zords even look like. More information on the toy will be announced around the time of New York Comic Con.


You can check out a fully gallery of the next entry in the Legacy line courtesy of RangerCrew here on their Facebook page.

San Diego Comic Con also brought us our first look at the previously leaked Legacy Blade Blaster. The toy will be fully transformable between all three modes and of course, feature lights and sounds. It’s worth noting that the toy, like the Power Morpher, is designed after the Power Rangers prop, and does say “Power Rangers” on the side. Bandai says they will release the toy by year’s end for a price to be determined.


Nothing new was shown for the Dino Charge toy line, but if you want to see what Bandai’s booth had to offer, you can check out RangerCrew’s booth gallery here, also on their Facebook page.

The folks at RangerCrew also had a short interview with Gregory Mitchell, the representative of Bandai at the booth. You can check out that interview below.

Source: Bandai America’s Instagram, RangerCrew on Facebook, RangerCrew on YouTube

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