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Ultraman X Teaser, Poster, New Information Released


Ultraman X Teaser, Poster, New Information Released


Tsuburaya  has officially revealed the key marketing image, new photos, plot details, and a short teaser for the upcoming series, Ultraman X.

The short teaser, previously only made available on a special Televi-kun DVD, gives us a short glimpse of Ultraman X in action. Amongst the new details revealed were the specifics of Ultraman X’s combat gimmick. Using the X-Devicer, Daichi scans the Ultraman X Spark Doll to “Unite” and face monsters. Ultraman X’s signature finishing move will be the Xanadium Ray. But even with all the powers granted by X, Daichi operates with a strong desire towards coexistence with monsters instead of destroying them.


Thanks to the union, Ultraman X is able to access Mons-Armor derived from Cyber Monsters. The Cyber Monsters are creatures artificially created by the XiO organization for research. Daichi’s newfound abilities allow him to read Cyber Monster data and don the respective armors using Cyber Cards with his X-Devicer. The Mons-Armors revealed thus far include Cyber Gomora (pictured above) and Cyber Eleking.



The series’ support, XiO has also been fully revealed, the name confirmed to standing for “Xeno Invasion Outcutters“. The team is outfitted with XiO Devicers, similar to Daichi’s X-Devicer which was altered through his union with Ultraman X. Each member also wields an XiO Blaster. The Blaster can be combined with an Ultra Booster to become an Ultrizer. The Ultra Boosters are fashioned after Ultraman, with the Ultralizer mode making the muzzle of the gun assume a Specium Ray-type position.

The team is led by Captain Shotaro Kamiki (center left), who believes in understanding the enemy instead of just attacking them. XiO’s vice-captain is the protective Sayuri Tachibana (third from left), a former Hyper Rescue member with a vast knowledge of rescue and salvage.

Other members include Daichi’s protector and hand-to-hand combat expert Asuna Yamase (right of Daichi in center), the silent sharpshooter Wataru Kazama (second from left), communication operators Takeru Yamagishi (first from left) and Chiaki Matsumoto (first from right), and Daichi’s “rival” Hayato Kishima (second from right).

In addition to the human members, the team will also have an alien amongst them, Professor Guruman from the planet Fanton. Fans will remember the Fantons as the race of aliens who made fast friends with Earth in Ultraman Mebius.

Not pictured are XiO’s Lab Team of which Daichi is a member of, including the laid back Mamoru Mikazuki, and XiO’s “mood-maker”, Rui Takeda.


XiO will be the first support team since Ultraman Mebius to utilize mecha as part of their arsenal. Theirs comes in the form of the XiO Musketee, a multi-form vehicle designed to dock with the team’s three land vehicles: the XiO Porthos, the XiO Aramis, and the XiO Athos.

Combining with the Portos transforms it into the Land Musketee, while combining with the Aramis turns it into the Space Musketee, and the Athos into the Sky Musketee (pictured above).

Ultraman X will premiere on Shin Ultraman Retsuden, taking over the next cour of episodes starting on July 14th. Episodes of Shin Ultraman Retsuden can be viewed on Fridays on the Tsuburaya YouTube Ultra Channel.

Source: Tsuburaya Station, Cinema Today, Ultraman X Official Site, Dengeki Hobby 

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