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Toei Releases New Trailers for ToQger V-Cinema


Toei Releases New Trailers for ToQger V-Cinema


The three trailers give fans a better look at the plot and action of They Went and Came Back Ressha Sentai ToQger: Super ToQ #7 of Dreams.

The three clips feature mostly the same footage, cut into 60sec, 30sec, and 15sec trailers. The footage reveals the V-Cinema’s guest stars, recently retired suit actor Yoshifumi Oshikawa and famous voice actor Daisuke Namikawa (N.Ma in Magiranger, Speedor in Go-Onger), who plays an “Akira-ish” character.

The new enemy is Grand Duke Hey (Chinese for “black”), and is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto (Alien Mephilas, Neo-Griffozer). All four Shadow Line executives appear and Toq #7’s identity is confirmed.

Source: Ladyeve, Toei Tokusatsu YouTube

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