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This week in Toku Actor Blogs [2/9 to 2/15]


This week in Toku Actor Blogs [2/9 to 2/15]


This week in Toku Actor Blogs, we bid farewell to our heroes full of imagination.

  • Shin Nagahama (ToQ-6/Akira Nijino) is happy to have met his character, Akira Nijino.
  • Ryuusei Yokohama (ToQ-4/Hikari Nonomura) tells everyone to cherish their friends and hold your imaginations close to you.


  • Riria and Ai Moritaka (ToQ-3/Mio and ToQ-5/Kagura) enjoy one of their last scenes together at the shore.



  • Jun Shison (ToQ-1/Right) gives us a peace sign in an empty Rainbow Line.

All images posted are from blogs and social media of various actors and linked to their date and source accordingly.

Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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