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New Ninninger Villain and Mecha Information


New Ninninger Villain and Mecha Information


New scans from Televi-Kun and TV Magazine reveal new details on the villains and future mecha appearing in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.


Of the Ninningers arsenal, their transforming Karakuri Hengen weapons have 3 modes as seen in the first episode: Sword, Bow and Claw. Additionally, each member can utilize different ninpo ninja techniques. These abilities allow them to create decoys, elongate their limbs, fly and levitate objects and enemies.


Once the Ninningers defeat a Yokai, the shuriken that empowered it is freed from the evil energy and returns to normal. When the Ninningers increase their “Nintality” enough, the shuriken transforms into a NinShuriken that allows them to use new, stronger techniques as well as summon new OtomoNin. These are the 48 Shurikens that Yoshitaka Igasaki used to seal Gengetsu Kibaoni in the past.

Speaking of which, the team will be getting two new OtomoNin: PaonMaru and UFOMaru. ShurikenJin Paon is armed with a pair of axes and ShurikenJin UFO is armed with a 3-cannon gun.

Meanwhile, on the side of the villains, another member of the Kibaoni Army is introduced: Military spearhead, Raizo Gabi. Raizo has a love of battle and a vendetta against ninjas of the Igasaki school. New upcoming yokai will include Tengu, Kasha, Kappa, Tsuchigumo and Ungaikyou.

Kyuemon Izayoi controls a mallet in which YoShuriken are set, utilizing it in a way similar to the Ninningers. Her Goton-YoShuriken allows her to enlarge the fallen yokai with the Hidaibansoku no Jutsu (肥大蕃息 a 4-kanji proverb meaning to grow and multiply rapidly). She is also able to summon the giant Gashadokuro at will with a specific YoShuriken. The Goton Yoshuriken has the kanji for “evil” (邪) and the Gashadokuro YoShuriken has the kanji for “smash” (砕).

It is worth mentioning that both members of the Army wear an incomplete Noh theatre mask. Izayoi wears a kitsune (狐) mask without the lower half while Gabi wears a hannya (般若) mask missing its middle third. Also, their “last names” are both based on the lunar calendar: Izayoi is the sixteenth day of the lunar month while Gabi is another name for the waxing crescent.

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger is currently broadcasting Sundays on TV Asahi.

Sources: Televi-Kun April 2015, TV Magazine April 2015


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